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Liechennay was exposed to the creative process from a very young age through his mother’s artistic pursuits as a designer of gold jewelry in Indonesia, his home country, where he studied and started a successful career in interior design before realizing that sculpture was the next phase of his creative journey.

He worked for several years perfecting his technique and created sculptures that became more and more complex. He started to dream about making large size sculptures and several monumental sculpture projects became a reality.


The artist expanded his artistic horizon and engaged in international projects that have led him to work between The Netherlands and Indonesia and to exhibit his works at many international art fairs from all over the world. Currently, he is working on several projects such as the creation of a large scale tree sculpture for a luxury hotel in Indonesia or a commission for a VIP private collector. Besides, he is planning some individual solo shows in Australia and America, where he has exhibited his works many times in the past years.


His works are inspired by nature and life, simply put, the forms and shapes he is surrounded by. He creates highly aesthetic pieces embodying artistic balance and beauty that transmit a sense of tranquility and eternity, a dialogue with nature. Liechennay masterfully transforms his principal material of choice, cold and rigid steel into an organic and fluid material. Each sculpture, often made of a combination of stainless steel, wood and copper, is an individually welded and shaped unique piece. The artist bends, shapes and joins together thousands of stainless steel pieces one by one in order to compose the final sculpture.


Over the past years Liechennay’s work has fostered widespread acclaim and notoriety internationally and his sculptures are part of important public and private collections from all over the globe.

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